Javascript-based languages

Javascript, while wonderful, is not a DSL tailored to our needs. It is also not ideal as a person's first programming language. However, current options indicate that Javascript is the only language that can both (1) provide serializeable continuations, and (2) sufficient sandboxing.

Thus, we will probably want to add at least some syntactic sugar to make things easier.

Modifying the JS runtime in use may not be worthwhile if it means lots of future maintenance.

A pre-processor may be more effective.

Please add anything interesting or promising to this list


Bison for javascript, very concise.


Very nice ruby-ish syntax, perhaps we should fork this. Maintenance would be minimal.
Already has heredocs and nice multi-line strings (with inline variable replacement).

CoffeeScript on Rhino HTML in CoffeeScript


LLVM-to-javascript, I.e, Python, Lua, C++, but probably has a formidable start-up time and performance.


Python in the browser, and VERY responsive